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The Weekly Boost - 2.1.2021

February 1st already, and the start of a new month! 

For this week's Boost, I drew a card and the card that came up for me was "Do It For Your Future Self" and this one resonated particularly strong with me. January is typically the month of resolutions, of vows for "new year, new me", and promises of healthy eating and gym routines. But by February, motivation can begin to falter so this week is the perfect time for a reminder that whatever it is you set out to do in 2021 - keep going and "do it for your future self". 

Sometimes it's all too easy to let instant gratification in the moment derail our plans. It's easy to procrastinate and avoid taking the steps toward your dream or to self sabotage by saying you'll just start the diet over again tomorrow - or whatever it is the getting derailed may look like for you and your goals. But when this happens, think of your future self and how that version of you will be SO thankful that past you put in the work and stuck it out. Future you is going to reap the rewards. Consistency is where the magic happens!

A bonus reminder thats been helping to keep me motivated: the day we plant the seed is not the day we eat the fruit. 

Patience, consistency, and showing up for you (and really, for future you) is how we create the life we want. The grind isn't always pretty or fun or glamorous, but it's how we make shit happen. 

And change can happen at any time - we don't need to tie it to a resolution, or the start of a new month, or even a new day. You can start anytime, but what matters is that you start and keep with it. 

Happy Monday everyone! Let's stay consistent and do something(s) this week that your future self will be thankful for!


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