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The Weekly Boost - 2.22.2021

Hey all, 

Thought for the week - 

I will not stress over what I can't control. 

This one is a lesson that may be one of the big themes of the last year but I feel has been extra relevant the last week or two with all the storms and unusual weather activity. Whether its other people, work, the weather, the pandemic - there are a lot of things outside our control that can contribute to our stress. Stressing out over things outside our control and outside our ability to change is not productive or helpful. Sure, it's very easy to do, there are a lot of things outside our control! However, stressing ourselves out with the projections and stories we make up in our heads most often does not actually help anything. We dramatize and worry and often times that worry is for no reason. 

So for this week, the intention I'm setting is this: I will not stress out over what I can't control. 

Taking a moment to recognize when this is happening, pause, and release the thought and stress can be a bit of a practice. This phrase can serve as a helpful mantra to say to ourselves when we catch ourselves in these moments. Because this, like many things, is a practice. You won't be able to say the intention and just release all stress or attempts at control. Things are going to pop up, and you're going to find yourself mid-stressball situation. It's okay. Just take the moment of awareness, breathe, consider if it's something within your control; and if the answer is no, remind yourself of the mantra while letting it go with a deep exhale. 

It's a practice. Be kind to yourself and don't expect perfection instantly. 

Those are my thoughts for the week. Happy Monday!


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