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The Weekly Boost - 2.8.2021

Happy Monday! 

Intention setting thought of the week is "Be Scared and Do It Anyway". 

"Be scared and do it anyway" empowerment card airplane window message

Last week we talked about the idea of taking steps that your future self will thank you for and this week is an inadvertent continuation of that. So say you have a goal in mind that future you will be really grateful for. Maybe it's starting that business, getting healthier, putting aside a little bit more money into savings - whatever it is, it's something that will make your life better in the future. Great. But then the fear creeps in. What if I fail? What if it's too hard? What if I get judged or laughed at? 

That's where this week's message comes in. 

Be scared and do it anyway. 

It's a really simple thought in theory, very "just do it"; but we've all experienced this in the past when we've set out to accomplish a goal only to get stopped in our tracks by our on internal dialogue of fear and what-ifs. We get so wrapped up in the fear of what could go wrong that we stop ourselves before we even start. 

Change is scary. Taking action is scary. Doing the damn thing is scary. 

But great things never happen in comfort zones and anyone who's accomplished anything great has had to deal with these same doubts and what-ifs. Most of these fears are unfounded, not super likely, and honestly often times they aren't really even that terrible. Let's logically think it out. What's the worst that could happen? Will you ultimately be okay? Even if you fail, will you probably learn a lot along the way? Will you still get better in some way or another? I'm going to guess whatever the fear is, it's not that bad. Sure, it may seem terrifying - many things are, but then we do it and realize that we did in fact have what it took all along, even if our silly brains told us otherwise.

You can do hard things, you're a bad ass. You got this. And even if you don't got it yet - you will. 

So my challenge for you is to be scared, and do it anyway. 

Have a lovely week,


P.S. - 

Some Booster Stacks news! I got to visit our first retail partner in Seattle this week! Shoutout to Badder Body - an amazing local female founded skincare company. Check them out online or at the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall every Saturday and Sunday and pick up a Better Days stack while you're there.

 Booster Stacks Better Days Stack empowerment card deck at Badder Body art Georgetown Trailer Park Mall



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