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The Weekly Boost - 3.1.2021

Hey everyone,

It's MARCH already. Wow. Did February go by in a blink to anyone else?

Go where you are appreciated not tolerated

Thought for the week: Go where you are appreciated, not tolerated. 

Oh man. I think we've all been in these situations before, where we are "tolerated". Maybe it's a relationship, a friendship, a work environment. Maybe it's not outright bad or toxic, but they tolerate us. No appreciation or excitement, just a ho-hum tolerance of our existence. 

Well babes, it's 2021, and to be just tolerated simply isn't good enough anymore, not for the elevated versions of ourselves that we're becoming. Everyone deserves to thrive and to be appreciated, not merely exist and be tolerated. Read that again. If you're like me, perhaps you've let negative self talk or poor boundaries let you give too much weight to other's belittling views of you. Maybe you accepted being "tolerated", or worse. Just because we've accepted and settled for something in the past, does not mean we need to continue to. 

Every day you have a choice, and you can choose to seek out places where you are appreciated and will thrive. If a situation is no longer suiting you, you have the power to recognize that and either communicate what you need to change or walk away and uplevel. 

Do it for your future self. (A double-whammy of Booster-isms).

Happy Monday! Thanks for joining us for another week of thoughts here on the Booster Stacks page. 


P.S. Thanks to everyone who participated in our promotion with "My Little Renaissance Girl"! We love seeing creative women chasing their dreams and the team behind this project is absolutely that. If you haven't checked them out yet, please do. 

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  • This really hit home this morning. Top marks!!! Xo

    Brandon R Jacobsen

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