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The Weekly Boost - 3.22.21

Hey everyone,

Thought for this week: Surround yourself with people who say "keep growing".

I don't think this one needs much explaining or dissecting. As much as you get to choose where your energy goes, you also get a choice in what energy you surround yourself with. Choose to spend your time around people who inspire, support, and encourage you. Life has enough obstacles and roadblocks as it is, so why surround yourself with negative people who might distract from your goals or discourage you from reaching them?

And remember the adage, "you are most alike the five people you spend most of your time around". If you wish to elevate, consider how this looks in your own life. Are you spending your time and energy around people who have qualities you admire and would like to reflect in your own actions? Another beautiful side effect of when we spend time with those who encourage us to grow, we become more like them and then can spread that mentality to others as well. 

Happy Monday,


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