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The Weekly Boost - 3.29.2021

Hey all,

Theme for this week is: If It Doesn't Open, It's Not Your Door.  

If it doesn't open, its not your door booster stacks card

It's really easy to get set on ideas of things we want. It might be a job, or relationship, or whatever the fantasy may be; we build up these ideas of how marvelous things would be if they only worked out just so - and when things don't pan out exactly like we envisioned, we get disappointed. We become so attached to the story we created about the thing we wanted that when things ultimately unfold differently we are then left heart broken and defeated.

When this happens, it's a great opportunity to remember that sometimes the universe (or life, or God, or whatever system you follow) has a better plan. When one door of possibility doesn't open for us (or gets slammed rudely in our face), rather than take it personal and throw up our hands in defeat, crying that the world is out to get us and there is no point in ever trying anything ever again (sounds silly when phrased like this, but let's be honest, we've all had that moment of defeat where we dramatically swear something off), instead take a deep breath and remember that things unfold a certain way for a reason and there's something better waiting around the corner. 

How many times in hindsight have you looked back and realized that thing you thought you wanted so badly and didn't get was actually a huge blessing? A bullet dodged? I know I can think of many times this has happened for me, and every time I reflect back I have to sigh with relief and think "I am so glad I didn't get what I thought I wanted at the time". 

So next time you're feeling disappointed that something didn't pan out the way you wanted - remember this mantra. If it doesn't open, it's not my door. It is absolutely okay to feel disappointed too! We're human, and it's a very normal emotion to feel. Feel it, embrace it, but then remember there is something better coming and release the feeling. Holding on to the negative disappointment and stewing in it certainly doesn't help anything. 

This, like all things, is a practice. It's something I've been tested on and gotten to practice a few times over the last year. It's not an easy switch to flip and totally shift your worldview. It takes time and practice and being intentional. But that's what we're here for - finding little ways we can intentionally make small shifts and become better. 

Happy Monday,


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