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The Weekly Boost - 3.8.2021

Hey all,

Theme for this week is: Everything is Falling Into Place for Me, Even If I Don't See It Yet. 

Roya holding Booster Stacks card

Whew, let me tell you, this theme is hitting HARD for me this last week. I've been interviewing vigorously the last few weeks with a few different companies and dealing with change and rejection on both the job hunt and personal life front. Totally part of life and something I'm okay with - but I'm still human and it can be a little frustrating when things don't play out how we'd like. 

Last week I took a few days to unplug and hike down in Arizona. Because I'm a workaholic and a small business owner (and mildly obsessed with these cards), I set aside some time for content creation and product photography while there. On one hike in particular, I wanted to film some card pulls (where I shuffle the deck and randomly draw a card). This just so happened to be at a vortex site - places with unique energy and great for meditation and mindful moments. And I then proceeded to pull this card seven times out of the next dozen draws. 

Okay Universe, messaged received. Now what to do with it? 

It's easy to get attached to potential outcomes, to fantasies, to possibilities. We romanticize an idea of how something might play out or how we think things are "supposed" to look. And then when real life doesn't behave according to our made up story, we get upset or disappointed. But that thing you think you wanted? Maybe you didn't get it because something better is coming. Maybe there's a lesson you needed to learn, a different place in life you needed to be in, or maybe the Universe just saved you from something that would have been a disaster. When we're able to separate from these made up stories and not take things personally, it is much easier to realize that there are many more opportunities out there. When we realize that, we can also see that everything is falling into place for us, even if sometimes we don't get to see evidence on the how and why. We can begin to know that opportunity is lurking unseen around the corner instead of dwelling on the disappointment of the last missed opportunity of something not even meant for us. 

This means having faith that everything works out, even if it's not the way we envisioned it would. With that comes learning to let go of any attachment to the outcome and just trusting that it will in fact work out. 

Easier said than done my friends, but we're working on it. 

The challenge for this week is really to just breathe, let go, and trust. Exhale the stress and know with a deep certainty that it will all work out in your favor. 

Now on a Booster Stacks note - we want to give another huge shout out to the King5 Evening Magazine team for featuring us again last week and a big thank you and welcome to any newcomers who joined us this week! 

Happy Monday,



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