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The Weekly Boost - 4.12.21

 Hey all,

Thought for the week: Old Keys Can't Unlock New Doors. 

Old keys cant unlock new doors

This one may simply be reworded as: if you keep trying the same things, you're going to get the same results. If you want to go somewhere you've never been, you're going to have to try something new. 

A great idiom I came across that never made it into the deck was "If you plant corn, don't be shocked when you grow corn", which also conveys the a similar sentiment. A wordier way of the classic, "you reap what you sow". This one reminds us of the importance to be intentional with our actions, because the results are directly related to the work put in. 

It's really easy to be on autopilot, to be comfortable going through the motions and maintaining the status quo. Quite simply, it's the path of least resistance. Comfortable familiarity, safety. But to grow, to reach new heights, to uplevel, all of that requires a change. What that change is depends on where you want to end up, but without a change, you'll simply stay right where you are.

The old keys will keep unlocking the old doors. Stagnant. However, with a change in tactic, perhaps a new key will open a new door. What you plant will reflect what you are trying to grow. 

The challenge for this week is to consider this - what is the result I'm trying to reach and how can I be more intentional to be moving towards that? What new tactic, habit, or action can I add in to help move towards the life that I want?

Happy Monday!


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