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The Weekly Boost - 4.19.2021

Hey all,

Another week, another musing. 

nothing changes is nothing changes

Thought of the week: Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.

Consider this: how often do we get frustrated when we don't see a change that we were hoping for? When you don't magically get the promotion, wake up with a different career, in a relationship, more in shape, happy, etc. Without putting in the work, or modifying the status quo, we just expect one day for things to have changed. 

Status quo is status quo for a reason. Things will continue on the trajectory they are on, unless something changes. 

Now, I'm all for the power of thinking positively and dreaming big and manifesting, of course, but you have to also take responsibility and get in the drivers seat. We can't just think about the goal and how great it will be when we've achieved the goal without actually taking steps towards it and expect it to just happen to us. 

Whatever the goal is - new career, more friends, to fit back into your skinny clothes in the back of the closet - whatever it is, are you actually doing the steps you need to take to be moving toward that? Or are you just thinking about how nice the end result would be and getting annoyed or down on your self every day you wake up and have somehow not yet reached that destination?

Things happen for those who make things happen, not those who wait around complaining why things haven't worked out without putting in the effort. 

Motivation Monday this week I suppose. 

Hope this gets your wheels turning on something that you could add in to your life that would help get you a little closer to that life you want. 

Happy Monday!


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P.P.S. So I got to the end of this draft, and decided to look back at the previous week....and realized how extremely similar this post is to last week's (In case you missed it, last weeks theme was "old keys can't unlock new doors"). It takes a few weeks for new behaviors to become habits, and maybe that's part of why this theme has been resonating so strongly with me lately. 

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