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The Weekly Boost - 4.5.21

Hey all,

Theme for this week is: Do More Things That Make You Forget to Check Your Phone. 

Do More Things That make you forget to check your phone booster stacks card jungle

It's really important to take time to unplug. This has become one of those general aspirations we all talk about vaguely, "Oh I want to spend less time on social media" or "be on my phone less". The ambiguous "less". Well, "less" is hard to stick to and it's one of those goals that unless we are intentional about it, nothing really seems to change. 

In an effort to be on my phone less, I recently set my social media to notify me when I've been on for an hour that day and it's been a great reminder to put the phone down. 

Anytime you're trying to do less of something, it's always helpful to focus on adding in more of something else - it helps shift the focus off of the restricted thing and onto something else that's filling the habit. Finding something else to fill the space has been very helpful in cutting down phone time. What that thing looks like will vary person to person - it could be going on walks outside, having a conversation with a friend or family member, listening to or reading a book, etc. Make it something you enjoy and can look forward to, something that makes your day a little brighter. By filling up time with things we enjoy, it leaves less room for the mindless scrolling. 

Swap the less desirable habit for something you enjoy. Sounds far more achievable and easier than just the "I really should do this less" vague vow, doesn't it? 

What is something enjoyable that you could add in to your day? How can you be intentional about remembering to add it in?

Happy new week, let's add in some things that help us forget to check our phones so much. 


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  • I bought 2 packages of your cards. How does the other person get your emails too

    Julie Hutchinson-Johns

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