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The Weekly Boost - 5.3.21

Hey all,

Theme for the week: You've Survived 100% of Your Worst Days. 

It's Mental Health Awareness Month which helped inspire the choice of intention for this week. When things get overwhelming or situations seem impossible, that's the time to remember that you've dealt with hard things and made it through just fine and this too shall pass. 

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to encourage normalizing talking about mental health struggles and share the reminder to check in on your friends. Social media is an easy place to paint a picture of the perfectly curated life when inside someone might really be struggling, and sometimes just know that someone cares can really make a difference. 

My challenge for you this week is to reach out to someone you know and simply check in on them. Strike up a conversation, tell them a compliment, or just say a simple hello.

In Booster Stacks news, a reminder that our shipping is on pause this week of 5/3 - 5/9, any orders placed during that time will ship out on Monday 5/10. 

Happy Monday.


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