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The Weekly Boost 7.19.21

Worth is not defined by others

Thought for the week - 

My worth is not defined by how much I can do for others.

Fellow people-pleasers, this one might strike a chord for you. It struck a chord for me. As someone who often finds themself bending over backwards, going so far out of the way, above and beyond, and never trying to inconvenience anyone, this is an excellent reminder. While it is great to do things for people and to receive a sense of accomplishment and pride in that, there still needs to be a boundary there.

Your worth is not defined by your ability to do things for others (and we can not, nor should we try to, convince someone of our worth this way). Your worth exists regardless of what others think of you, and rather than expelling energy attempting to win people over, what if you poured that energy into self care and self love? Your energy and effort are precious. Spend these things on others out of kindness, not in an attempt to seek validation and worth in outside sources. 

You are already whole and worthy, and you do not need to convince anyone of your worth. 

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