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The Weekly Boost - 7.6.21

Thought for the week - 

Go after what makes your insides feel like sunshine.

There is a special kind of magic around certain activities and people that make your soul light up. This could be putting in work on a passion project or those five minutes of quiet solitude in your morning routine or quality time with a special person - it can take many forms. Observe how certain activities and certain people make you feel in your body. When you find the ones that make you feel like sunshine - pursue them. Find ways to incorporate more of this into your life. 

Conversely, be aware of those who have the opposite affect. Listen to your nervous system. If an interaction with a certain person continuously leaves you feeling a certain sort of "ick" or "off", pay attention to this and honor yourself as you decide how to manage this going forward. 

Self care is just as much about what we add in to brighten our days as it is safeguarding ourselves from situations, activities, and a people that we know are not good for us. 

Look for the sunshine, and when you find it, keep going back for more. 

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