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The Weekly Boost - 8.23.21

how far you've come

Focus on how far you've come, not on how far you have to go. 

Most things worth accomplishing take time. And when things take time, it's all too easy to become impatient or grow discouraged. We like things to happen instantly and so often we can find ourselves dwelling on how much progress we haven't made and how we still aren't at our goal. We focus so much on how we aren't already there yet and then we stop trying altogether. 

What a demotivating and discouraging place to be in. 

What if instead you focused on how far you've come? What might that feel like? 

Celebrate the wins along the way to where you are now, however small they may be. Celebrate the growth and the lessons learned. Celebrate not being in the same place you were yesterday. Celebrate not being in the same mindset as the day before. Celebrate learning how to bounce back from the setbacks better this time - because each speed bump and set back better equips you for the next one. 

What would it look like if you focused on how far you've come instead of how far you have left to go? 

Happy Monday, cheers to another week. 



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